full livivng and Dining room

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A. G.

Wafa Ghaoui is a very talented and creative interior designer. She understood completely what I had in mind for my villa and gave me the perfect designs! It was like she totally read my mind! Her designs are detail oriented and very well visualized


ن. ا.

انسانه جداً راقيه في التعامل ولها بعد نظر جميل في الذوق .. تتجاوب مع الأذواق بشكل عام وتزيد من لمستها على ذوق الزبون . التنفيذ عندها بجوده عاليه و تتواصل مع الزبون بشكل دائم . سعيده بتعاملي معاها وان شاء الله راح اعتمدها دائماً♥️


H. Z.

I can’t explain in words how much I love my home!!! Thank you for capturing our essence and translating it in such a beautiful and functional way. Your professionalism exceed my expectations; you raised the bar! It was the Best decision ever! There are no words to express what this wonderful designer did for me. She took my house and transformed it into my home. She read me, understood my needs and captured my style with unbelievable professionalism