Image by Corinne Kutz


1-What's included in this service : 

- Covering your all your questions related to the interior design, architecture and decoration.
- Understanding the why and how something works, and how to pull it all together.
- Floorplan and layout design revision  and make new suggested furniture layouts.
- Mood Board showing the suggested new design of the space.
- Shopping list of all the elements used in this design.

2-How we start:

- Contact us on WhatsApp number +971 585 823 166 or book directly from the link (BOOK NOW).
- A day before the consultation (meeting), you need to send us the plans (or photos) so we could review and study them.
- In the meeting time we discuss all the details of the design or decoration also we will answer all your questions.

3- After the consultation (4-7 days):

you will receive a file includes all the discussed points ( Furniture layout, mood board, shopping list).